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Great Start to 2018

Well here we are 15 days into 2018 and we have websites on the go everywhere.

Not only have we finished our first for the year with MLGS Melbourne – an up and coming landscape gardener, but we have been lucky enough to re-contract with Hadfield, Keilor Park and East Keilor Football Clubs. Tooradin-Dalmore Football Club (site – COMING SOON) have come on board for 2018 and we are excited to see them moving into Season 2018.

We have a few in the pipeline too. A hairdressers … A clothing company … Laser company oh and our quotes out there at the moment – A pool company … A mechanic … and even a horse breeding company – Nobody said we weren’t diverse in our portfolio !!!

Wishing Health, Happiness and Prosperity to all for 2018. Oh This year for the first time since we can remember we are taking a REAL holiday!! We are off to Bali in March – yes we know – “I’ve been to Bali too” is the catch cry – but we haven’t. We want to know what all the fuss is about. We will let you know if we thought it was worth it 🙂

Our Latest Work

We have been working wonders for our clients, not that we are bias of course but our newly created sites are great!

I have been working with some wonderful clients creating websites with so much diversity. Balloons from Fun Xtreme, eCommerce sites for Romsey Firewood (and the WoodblokeComing Soon) to Club sites for Keilor Park Tennis Club, Sunbury District Obedience Dog Club and Tooradin Dalmore Netball Club.

So  many more on the go and guess what – we are LOVING IT!

Coming Soon

  • The Woodbloke
  • Ben Murray Building
  • Tooradin Football Club
  • TV Screen Defender
  • Style Loft
  • King of Clippers
  • EK Militaria

We often get to hear how much we help and support your business through phone calls and emails and we would love to see your feedback site. If you have the time, we would love to hear from you.

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Off the Grid

We appear to have been “Off The Grid” for a while but in actual fact we have been working really long hours. So much work, so much time, so much FUN !

We have completed so many websites recently and quite a few more to come.

And so many more in the pipe line. New businesses and upgrading business websites.

New Businesses

  • Style Loft
  • King of Clippers aka Tony K
  • Fun Xtreme


  • TV Screen Defender
  • Keilor Park Tennis Club
  • Tooradin Football Club
  • EK Militaria

I really do love what I do

Mad May For Everyone

Wow, something must be in the air this month of May for people saying – Go Go Go – website MUST be up this day, week, month! And oh boy has it been hectic.


I love working with new people, new areas, just new things 🙂


This month sees the release of Kelly’s Cake Toppers a site that has been in the development for over 12 months. Between another company starting it – to DESC Designs completing it. If you need ANYTHING to do with making that certain cake really special – Kelly and Tony are the ones to do it!




Aussie Rules Football Season is well and truly underway. At DESC Designs we have found a fantastic plugin for all our football websites. Countdowns to the next rounds, where the teams are playing with links to the venue – how other teams in your fixture are fairing – Damn Good I say – so what do we do when we find a great plugin? Put it on our clients sites!! Upgrades for everyone!!

Feed Me Healthy

Creating this website was a privilege and an honour to do this for my friend Anna Van Dyken. We meet many years ago on FaceBook – long before her journey began.


Anna has become an internet sensation on Social Media loosing over 70kg with Weight Watchers®  and exercise.


After being on the cover of WW for February 2017, we decided together that moving on to bigger and better things was a great idea. We put our heads together and came up with Anna’s dream of Feed Me Healthy – Living a healthy lifestyle … A true Inspiration to all




Sign Arts | D-Sign Hounds

A new website was created for SignArts & D-Sign Hounds – a joint company between Victoria and Queensland.


We joined two sites to become to collaborate on work, designs and ideas.


My client handles their own CMS and eCommerce updating