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Do I Need A Re-Design?

Like any good investment, your website needs to be proactively managed. Not just built and then forgotten about. It’s not just about keeping the content up to date, but it is also about bringing the technology and design up to date to meet the needs of your business and your customers.

When is a website redesign needed?

In general most companies redesign their website every 2 years, and rebuild their website every 4 years.


  • The website looks old and dated
  • Is NOT mobile friendly (see image below)
  • It doesn’t reflect the business direction
  • It looks terrible on mobile devices
  • It doesn’t convert any sales or leads
  • It is hard to navigate and find information quickly
  • It takes too long to load
  • It is not easy to update the content
  • It is not user friendly

These sites are not mobile responsive. They either don’t fit the screen or are too small to read without zooming in on parts. Google do NOT track these sites due to their non-responsive mode

Check your Google Analytics data(most older websites don’t even have this implemented) for signs that your website needs help. If you have low repeat visits, high bounce rates and low average time of site – then something isn’t working. Check the technology data to see how your website is performing on different browsers and mobile types. It is also advisable to ask a professional to perform a website analysis and propose recommendations on how to make your website work better for you.


  • A fresh design gives the impression that your business is dynamic and growing
  • You move with the times, and your website is attractive and easy to use on mobile devices
  • Your website works harder for you with new functionality such as social media integration, a blog, forums, e-commerce, contact forms and more
  • Your users are happier when they can find what they want quickly and easily
  • You save money, because you can easily maintain and update the website content yourself
  • Your website will be more search engine friendly
  • You can gain a competitive advantage over your competitors by captivating the online market


Regular users of your website will be see a different looking site, and may take a while to get used to it. (see images above) To overcome this, it is important to consider the user experience in the design – what information do they need? What action do they need to take? Make it easy for people to find what they want in 3 clicks or less. You can also work with us to find a new design that is implemented over time so as not to confuse your users so much. It is also a great opportunity to release the new site creating another wave of new clients.

Website rebuilds will require resources such as time and money. It is important to factor in website maintenance and redesigns every 2 – 4 years and treat your website as a growing part of your business. Many design companies put up a “website upgrading / under maintenance” when redesigning. Not us – your old website stays right where it is until we are ready to launch your brand new site.

Overall, keeping on top of how your website design is performing is an important part of making sure it meets your business goals online. There are powerful advantages to be gained in terms happier customers, better functionality, and a competitive advantage over your competitors. There are some major areas to look out for, but with proper planning and the right web design team in place, these negatives can be turned into positives.