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Beachside Property Rentals

e-Book | Premium

APRIL 2019 | JULY(E-Book) 2018

  • Site Re-Design
  • SSL Integration
  • e-Book Flip Creation
  • Book Design & Development
  • Social Media Integration
  • Email Signature Creation
  • Responsive on all platforms
  • Domain c-Panel Hosted

December 2018, we undertook a whole new project for Beachside Property Rentals. A different look, a different feel and something totally different to anything we have created before!! 

Beachside Property Rentals came to us and asked if we could design and implement an online e-Book for their investors. They wanted to book to be a part of their email signature and responsive to all types of media.

Liz at Beachside PR created with book as we requested in MS Word and sent us the basic outline. We improved on this booklet by adding images and effects and created their very first e-Book.

After the success of the first, we have been commissioned to create another 3 booklets for their clients.

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