MS Windows 10 Mail



  • 1.Microsoft Windows 10 Mail
  • Step 1

    Open up Windows 10 Mail (you can locate it by clicking the start button and typing in 'Mail'). If this is your first time using Windows 10, you will see the below window. Select the "Add Account" button.

    If you have already setup an existing email in Windows 10 and want to setup a new one, then instead of the above screen you will see what is below. Select the cog icon to open the Settings sidebar, then select "Accounts". After that, select "Add Account".

  • Step 2

    Select the "Advanced set-up" option at the bottom. You may have to scroll to find this option at the bottom

  • Step 3

    Select the "Internet Email" option.

  • Step 4

    Next fill in all your email account settings as per below. Once finished, click 'Sign In'.

    Account Name: This is the name you wish to give your account for your reference only.
    Your Name: The name you wish to appear when sending your recipients emails
    Incoming Email Server: Your email account’s incoming mail server. This will have been given to you by email/text/phone
    Account Type: IMAP4
    Password: Your Email Account’s Password. If you are unsure, contact us
    Outgoing (SMTP) Email Server: Your outgoing mail server will be the same as your incoming mail server. On the end of your outgoing mail server, add :26:1 (with 26 being the port number and 1 being secured SSL). For example:
    Outgoing Server Requires Authentication:
    Use same username and password sending email:
    Require SSL for incoming email:
    Require SSL for outgoing email:
    Make sure all these boxes are checked

  • Step 5

    You will then see the below screen to say the setup was successful. Click 'Done' to finish and you can now begin using your email account in Windows 10 Mail.

** Special thanks to Studiocoast for their tutorial