Maintenance Packages

What you customers WON’T see when we are updating your website *

We understand that sometimes on going costs can be difficult to manage, especially with a new business. Creating the website is great, but the “backend” does need to be maintained in many different ways. Sometimes it’s not even what people see, it about the performance of the site. This is where we come in. We have packages for weekly, monthly and quarterly – but we also offer a service that once every 6 months, we login to your WordPress Administrator site and update things that need to be updated to keep your site running smoothly. For this it is a one off charge of $75.

**Site security and integrity updates will be completed by DESC Designs as needed FREE of charge – we don’t believe in “dropping” our responsibilities once the site is done!

see chart below
Quarterly Monthly Weekly
Charges (paying yearly receives 15% discount) $50 (Invoiced Quarterly or $170 per year) $30 (Invoiced Monthly or $306 per year) $10 (Invoiced Monthly or ($442 per year)
Unused hours NEVER Expire eg: if you don't require our services for 6 months, the hours accumulate until your ready to use them all
Updated content including text and images
Multiple Websites
Stategy Meeting Email 2 per year 4 per year
Work Report By Request By Request By Request
Adding Pages & Menu By Request ($20 per page)
Updating of plugins and core software on site Quarterly Monthly Weekly
Blog/Newfeed Updating Quarterly Monthly Bi-Weekly
Google Webmaster Tool Monitoring Quarterly Monthly Weekly
Hours of work 1 hour per month 2 hours per month 1 hours per week (4 hours per month)
Theme Change By Request *Additional Charge By Request *Additional Charge
*unless we are upgrading your theme (look and feel – website down no longer than 2 hours – outside of business hours)