Website Packages

see chart below
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Sports 1 Sports 2
Design 1 Page Design Choices Premium Design Full Custom Design Custom Design Custom Design
Responsive Friendly
CMS Based Website
Social Media Integration
Google Map
Contact Form Basic Drop Down Boxes Custom Custom Custom Custom
Pages 1 Page 1 - 6 pages
More can be added at a cost of $20 per page
1 - 10 pages
More can be added at a cost of $20 per page
See Package for Details 5 - 8 pages
More can be added at a cost of $20 per page
10 pages + team pages
More can be added at a cost of $20 per page
Extra Pages Added See Package for Details
News/Blog Section See Package for Details See Package for Details
Slide Show Header Static Image 3 Pictures 5 Pictures As Requested 5 Pictures 5 Pictures
Photo Galleries Up to 20 Images See Package for Details
Email Addresses 5 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Shopping Carts (Optional Extra) (Optional Extra) (Optional Extra) (Optional Extra) (Optional Extra)
Updates Free for 6 months Free for 12 months Free for 12 months (Optional Extra) See Package for Details
Admin Training (Optional Extra) Basic Training Basic Training
Add User Accounts
Domain Registration $75 - invoiced bi-annual $75 - invoiced bi-annual $75- invoiced bi-annual FREE Registration $75 - invoiced bi-annual $75 - invoiced bi-annual
Domain Transfer $30 transfer $30 transfer $30 transfer FREE Transfer $30 transfer $30 transfer
Domain Hosting Starting $10 pm - invoiced annually Starting $10 pm - invoiced annually Starting $10 pm - invoiced annually FREE 12 months Starting $10 pm - invoiced annually Starting $10 pm - invoiced annually
Upfront PACKAGE Charge



25% Savings


25% Savings
Contact Us


25% Savings


25% Savings
Flexi PACKAGE Charge NA

Upfront - $410

$50pm (1 year contract)  see package for terms

Upfront - $450

$110pm (1 year contract)  see package for terms
Contact Us

Upfront - $330

$50pm (1 year contract)  see package for terms

Upfront - $500

$140pm (1 year contract)  see package for terms

  • What does CMS based website mean ?

    Every CMS (Content Management System) based website can personally add their own text, data, blog posts, videos, photos and other content. No technical expertise is required for website changes.

    The website owner simply logs in to an Administration panel either via computer, tablet or smartphone and make their changes or updates.

  • What does Responsive mean ?

    Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user's behaviour and environment based on screen size and orientation.

    Therefore if you have a computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet, the site should remain in tact and look the same - no matter what size the screen is.

  • What is Social Media Integration?

    Linking your Social Media (eg: Facebook Twitter etc) to your site. People can then click on the social media and be taken directly to your page.

    If you have not yet established any Social Media - DESC Designs can organise this for you.

    Cost of $20 per social media account

  • Am I able to add-on more pages?

    Of course! To every site (with the exception of the Start-Up package) we offer the ease of adding pages to your site.

    Each new page can be either added to the current menu or as part of a drop down menu - the choice is your.

    Cost $20 per page

  • Free Updating?

    Updating will be allocated per package of 1 hour a month although DESC Designs does do security updates if need be at the back end of your site

    6 months for Silver Package
    12 months for Gold & Platinum Package
    ** See package details for Sports 2

    If additional time is required, this is charged out accordingly

    Cost $50 per hour

  • What are User Accounts ?

    User Accounts are "backend" users other than the owner of the site.

    Summary of Roles

    • Administrator  – somebody who has access to all the administration features within a single site.
    • Editor  – somebody who can publish and manage posts including the posts of other users.
    • Author  – somebody who can publish and manage their own posts.
    • Contributor  – somebody who can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them.

    Each of these people with have different areas of access (some limited) to the site's creation page.  These are a great idea if you have staff members wanting to post to your blog or make simple changes.

  • What is Basic Training

    We have added basic training to every package as some people just GET how to do things. If you can post to Facebook you can "work" your site!

    In basic training we instruct you how to login to the back end of your site, update your plugins, look at security, manage comments and testimonials (if you have them) and post to your blog or make simple changes.

    This is something that every person has a website has the right to do - but sometimes we just need a little guidance. At DESC Designs we give this to you - every step of the way!

  • What is Admin Training?

    We will sit down with you and show you how you can add extra information or updates to your site.

    News updates, blog updates, gallery, events or just about anything you might want.

    We will teach you how to update your own site or DESC Designs can do it for you at an addition charge. Cost $75 per hour

    Training Cost $100 - two hour session (for group training - 2 or more - $75 per person)

    What is included in the training?

    • each person will be set up with their own user account - password created by user
    • computer, smartphone, tablet will be implemented with their own account
    • written tutorials with "how to's" will be given to each person
    • Youtube tutorials (specifically created for your site)
    • you will learn how to update events, blogs, news and gallery
    • Change homepage sliders
    • update "fun facts, sponsors, committee" (if included in your site)
    • testimonials
    • what ever is on your site - we will teach you how to update it
  • What are the Shopping Cart charges?

    There are many different varieties of shopping carts - add-ons, upgrades, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral - basically mean credit card information is safe) requirements - we suggest you contact us regarding what you require for your site and we will advise costs accordingly.


    For smaller businesses and sporting clubs, there are shopping carts out there - totally free to use (limit to 10 items ONLY). Not many people will suggest these as there is no really money making involved, but for smaller sites, they are perfectly secure and totally interchangeable with their items.

    A setup fee does apply for DESC Designs to implement them into your site.

    Cost $100 - the products initial adding will be done by DESC Designs but the up keep to the products will be maintained by the site owner.