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Business Starter – $950*

Business Starter Package is a low-cost solution for a small website – $950 *

It includes five pages that we prepare for you. Your website can contain additional pages for which we shall quote a fee, or you can add these pages yourself later through CMS.

Choose from over 6,000 ready-made website layouts. We provide a short list of website designs that match your criteria. Send us your website content and choice of domain name (if available). We will then secure your domain name, organise your website server and proceed to developing your website.

The turnaround time for completion of our work depends on whether there are any delays in the supply of all your content and other details we request. All going well, it can be a realistic expectation for your website to be ready within 7-10 days, or earlier for an urgent fee.

We shall be in regular contact during the development of your website, and update you with every stage of progress. On your approval, your website shall go live for all to see

What our Business Starter Package includes:

Packages Business Starter
Design Design Choices
Responsive Friendly If you have a computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet, the site remains in tact and the look and workings the same - no matter what size the screen is.
CMS Based Website Every CMS based website can personally add their own text, data, blog posts, videos, photos and other content. No technical expertise is required for website changes.
Social Media Integration Linking your Social Media (eg: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) to your site.
Google Map Interactive Google Map to find your place of business as well as directions
Contact Form Drop Down Boxes
Pages 1 - 6 pages
More can be added at a cost of $20 per page
Extra Pages Added If after the initial design and implementation of the site, you may find you need more pages. These can be added in at a later date at a rate of $20 per page (text and minimum graphics)
News/Blog Section A New/Blog section can be created for your website. These are for updates, news, events, etc. These posts can cross post to many social media platforms that can be linked to your site. The cost of adding a news/blog section to your website - $30. For the information to appear on your front page is all dependant on your initial design.
Slide Show Header 3 Pictures
Photo Galleries Up to 20 Images
Email Addresses 10 Full Email Accounts or Unlimited Email Alias Accounts (forwarding to another email address)
Shopping Carts (Optional Extra)
Updates Free for 6 months
Admin Training Basic Training
Add User Accounts Main Administrator account setup only
Domain Registration $75 - invoiced bi-annual
Domain Transfer $30 transfer
Domain Hosting Starting $10 pm - invoiced annually
Upfront PACKAGE Charge - payment terms available