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Why Have One?

Your website is your business’s online home. This is where all your email marketing and social media campaigns will bring your prospective clients. We will work with you to create a website that speaks to them and their needs.

All our websites are built on the CMS Framework; WORDPRESS a clean, search engine optimised architecture, built with state-of-the-art security. It will be fully responsive, meaning the user experience will be just as enjoyable on an Smartphone as it is on desktop.

We create clean, professional websites, designed to be highly compatible with a wide range of browsers. We specialise in providing complete website development solutions for small, medium and large businesses, blog or sporting websites.

A brief outline of our design process

All you have to do is contact us with your ideas – of what you would like, how your would like it to look – the colours, the layout (if you know) and what you want on the site.

The next (and probably the most important) thing is, what do you want the site to do for you? Different kinds of websites have different purposes depending on who the intended audience is. Some websites are geared towards selling products and other websites are providing practical information, while others are merely for entertainment.

Every design solution from DESC Designs focuses on the following criteria:

  • professional presentation
  • easy navigation
  • search-engine friendly web design
  • google analytics (excluding Bronze Package)
  • consistency in branding over all your marketing communication material
  • responsive websites that work on any screen size, or fixed layout designs specially prepared for desktop computers and mobile devices

I could go into a huge process of the why/how/when/where of websites

  • The Purpose of Informative / Practical Information Websites
  • The Purpose of Entertainment Websites
  • The Purpose of E-Commerce Websites
  • The Purpose of Service-Based Business Websites
  • The Purpose of Blogs

BUT are you going to read it ? I wouldn’t! Work speaks for itself and so do my clients. Ask any one of them and they will tell you how I operate. Each of them is open to you contacting them for a reference on my behalf.

I want to do this myself – Seems Easy Enough

EXCELLENT – but please allow me to give you a bit of our story so I can save you the trouble of making the cheap website hosting mistake. I have many clients ask me this question and I will tell you of a VERY COMMON trait that I am finding happening with just this idea.

One very lovely client of mine set herself up with WordPress and decided she wanted to move onto bigger and better things – have her own domain name with her website.

  • Purchased Domain Name – GREAT
  • Set WordPress to “manage” her domain name – FANTASTIC – it’s only $9 USD for hosting per month
  • Domain Pointing (so your name knows where to find your WordPress site) $13 USD per year – WOW – CHEAP !

But hang on …

  • I want an email with my domain name and I need to purchase that too – Okay – Who with?
    • Office365 charge per month – too scared to even figure that out with so many packages
    • WordPress charge $5 USD per email, per month –
    • Use someone local – $200 AUD to have a portal only – web-mail – and boy oh boy the ones that I have seen are TERRIFYING!!!!!!

So let’s add all this up …

  • $9 USD – hosting per month = $152 AUD
  • $13 USD per year for domain pointing = $18.28 AUD
  • $200 AUD for Email
  • TOTAL = $370 approx AUD – that’s if the dollar remains as is now (June 2018)

What does DESC Designs charge for all this – $120 AUD PER YEAR (excluding Domain Registration)

DESC Designs got our client on track, sorted everything out – fortunately within the 30 day cooling off period and we got 90% of her money returned and we are now all managed in ONE place. The unfortunate thing is – she is not alone. I have had a few clients bought about this way – Please – THINK seriously before heading out and paying money before you have done your research – or contact us – we can do it all !!

What Happens Next …

If you are happy with the estimate we will proceed with the following:

  • Registration of any domain names if required
  • Setup of a web hosting account if required
  • Development of the initial design and layout
  • Apply basic search engine optimisation techniques
  • You will be provided with a draft of the website during the process of development. During this
  • time you can request any changes to design & layout
  • Once you are happy with the initial website design concept, we will produce the additional pages
  • When we get your thumbs up, your website is launched
  • We can also arrange the site so you can make updates yourself
  • When we get your thumbs up, your website is launched
  • We can also arrange the site so you can make updates yourself