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There are many ways you can create a website for your business, but if you opt for our web design service you will get a professionally designed website to your exact requirements.


Ensuring that your WordPress website, plugins, and themes are up-to-date is crucial, even if you are not actively making changes to your site. Regular updates help maintain security, improve performance, and ensure compatibility with the latest features and standards. We have options to suite any or all of your needs.


We have a range of packages to suit any individual or business. Start as low as $400 or as large as your mind may take you. Tailor made to suit you. See our packages below and if they do not suit you – Call us and let us tailor one for you.

Michael Paredes
July 31, 2023

Have been using Susan for several years now and will continue to do so. Has been very helpful in helping my business grow through marketing and others sources of design. Highly recommend

Tanya Todorov
June 22, 2018

Sue is great to work with. She's on to everything, always happy to help with any IT questions I have. Highly recommended 🙌

Deb Aleksic
June 22, 2018

I contacted Sue to help set up a website/blog - she went above and beyond to help me. I will be going back to Sue for some lessons - highly recommend!!

ashoka kulatunga
April 6, 2021

DESC Designs listened to everything we needed and wanted in a new website,then delivered it with: Domain registration,site design,SSL certification,Logo creation,business cards and brochure creation. They are professional and creative.They have excellent communication. We would highly recommend DESC Designs to anyone looking to build a new website.

Liebe Wellness
July 26, 2023

Absolutely incredible service!!! Our one and only go to website woman. Highly recommend Desc Designs for all your website needs

De'ann Tierney
April 6, 2021

This company is the best, whenever you're in trouble they are there to help you. I feel that Sue is a friend and not someone that comes out and fixes your computer. Thank you and I would highly recommend DESC Designs. From DPH sports cards

Michael McLeod
April 6, 2021

Sue was a pleasure to work with. She took my vision and blew it out of the water, not only making my website user friendly but a stand out for my clients that time and time again I receive compliments towards. Since my websites revamp, I’ve noticed a influx of work and can thank the new facelift given by DESC Designs. Highly recommend for an affordable, professional and user friendly website which will stand the test of time. Will be a returning customer time and time again. Michael MLGS

Betty Nicolaou
June 10, 2021

Susan was professional and full of ideas to promote my business.


Let’s Bring Your Creative Ideas to Life

At DESC Designs, we prioritize our clients’ needs by customizing every website according to their specific requirements. Rather than imposing our preferences or relying on templates, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their vision and preferences. Our team offers expert advice on what design elements would complement their business best, but the final website is a reflection of our clients’ unique thoughts and ideas.

We take pride in our originality and creativity, and we refrain from replicating or directly copying another person’s site. Our approach is built on crafting one-of-a-kind websites that represent the individuality and essence of each client’s business. With DESC Designs, you can expect a tailor-made website that stands out and effectively communicates your brand identity and values.


Our Creative Services

All our websites created by DESC Designs come with a full 12 month Health & Security  – Monthly Maintenance Package. Value: $430 per year

Our Process

Our approach to designing your website involves the following steps:


  1. Inspirational Design Exploration
  2. Industry Research
  3. Design Skeleton and Feedback
  4. Iterative Refinement
  5. Website Construction
  6. Ensuring Satisfaction
  7. Scope Limitation

Our Platform

WordPress is a powerful and versatile content management system (CMS), while Plex Dashboard offers valuable tools for managing and monitoring website performance and analytics.


To ensure we design a concept for your website that perfectly reflects your vision, we kindly request you to answer the following questions. Rest assured, we offer revisions of the design until you are completely satisfied and ready to sign off on it.


The completion timeline for each project varies, but under the assumption that there are no delays from your end (Hosting, Domain settings, Access to sites), a typical website will be finalized within 4 to 8 weeks.

Latest Work


starter package


Creating the website for No Bakery was an enjoyable experience. It radiated brightness, colorfulness, and a downright tasteful vibe. As an aspiring author, Jade aimed to ensure that her site captivated audiences with its fun appeal and user-friendly design, mirroring the engaging nature of her recipes.

starter package


After 12 years, a beloved website undergoes a heartfelt transformation. The skilled dog groomer behind this success has transitioned her business from being on the road to establishing a Home Grooming salon in Gladstone Park. Demand for her exceptional services is soaring, thanks to her remarkable talent and gentleness, beautifully reflected in the images showcased on her site. 



In a remarkable evolution, the Golden Windows website has undergone a thorough and comprehensive transformation that perfectly harmonizes with the ethos of its new proprietors. This metamorphosis has breathed new life into the virtual domain, creating a seamless fusion of aesthetics and purpose.

starter package


A talented speaker who is setting out on a new journey in his life has just unveiled a fresh website. Michael possesses the roles of a teacher, umpire, and motivational speaker, showcasing a diverse array of skills.


Coming Soon



Upgrade of EKFC