Company Profile

Why Choose DESC Designs?

We have a passion for crafting, designing, and delighting in the fulfillment of our creations.

How long have we been in Business?

With a successful track record dating back to 2004 through our other business, DESC Computers, we have been actively engaged in website design since 2008.

Recognizing the rapid growth and demand for our services, DESC Designs officially came into being in 2017, becoming a dedicated entity to accommodate the increasing workload under its own distinct identity.

Who ARE We?

I am Susan (Sue) Onslow, proud owner of DESC Designs and DESC Computers. Besides being a dedicated entrepreneur, I am a wife, blessed with a super supportive husband, a loving mother to two adult “children,” and a doting grandmother to little Ivy. Not to forget my furry, four-legged “baby” Max, who holds a special place in my heart.

DESC Computers, our first venture, emerged as a hobby of passion in early 2003. Over time, our client base grew steadily, leading us to register as a Sole Trader under the name DESC Computers in 2004.

I take pride in breaking stereotypes. Although some may associate computer expertise with a certain “geeky” image, I am not your typical representation of that label. It brings me joy when people say, “You’re not what I expected” upon meeting me.

Here’s a glimpse of who I am:
– I am a female entrepreneur, embracing my uniqueness with enthusiasm.
– Age is just a number, and I can proudly say I’ve seen the before side of 55.
– My clients often become my friends, and I cherish the relationships we build.
– Expressing my individuality, I have piercings and tattoos that reflect my personality.
– My greatest love is my family, and I adore spending time with them.

When it comes to my work, I believe in understanding my clients on a deeper level. It’s not just about gathering requirements on paper; I strive to comprehend their businesses, aspirations, and expectations for their websites. Building a strong connection allows me to create websites that truly resonate with their essence.

I am passionate about what I do, and nothing brings me more joy than witnessing my clients’ satisfaction with the end product. Working closely with each client, I make sure their website becomes a true reflection of their vision and goals.

At DESC Designs and DESC Computers, we believe in personalized service, creative excellence, and fostering lasting relationships with our valued clients. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you and bring your website dreams to life. ❣️

Introducing our second venture – The ThermoCouple – where we are passionate about everything Thermomix®. Converting convetional recipes to Thermomix.

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