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Purchases / Renewals of ESET are for Australia Residents ONLY 

Specialising in Personal Computers & Small Business. Based in Melbourne, Victoria.

DESC Computers has been building, selling and servicing PC’s since 2004. Specialising in restoring your computer to like new without losing your personal files, DESC Computers can breathe new life into your tired and slow PC. If that can’t be done due to the age of the computer, we can recommend what you need to upgrade to a new system.

Honest, reliable and affordable, DESC Computers will work with you to achieve your desired outcome whether that is minor repairs or a new custom built PC designed specifically for your needs.

Service callout fee – $95 per hour


** Not accepting new clients for computer repairs


Remote Support

At DESC Computers, we want to provide a service that is hard to find elsewhere. We want to be able to help you the client in a way that is non-invasive to you as possible. We believe that sometime just logging into your system, we can fix your problems quickly and easily without taking major time out of your day or night. Internet access is a MUST!

We control your computer remotely via the internet, as if we were sitting right in front of them. We talk through problems that you may be having and we either fix the problem or tell you how to do something that may have been troubling you.

For example: You cannot get your emails working? You have done everything that YOU can think of and you are pulling your hair out not knowing what is wrong. Contact DESC Computers, we send you a link or tell you where to download the support application and in we login to your machine. We can do all of this whilst talking with you and explaining every step of the way what we are doing and why we are doing it and 9/10 times – fix your problem.

Our Subscription service is not only help when needed, but you go to the TOP OF THE PILE!
• Priority phone calls
• Priority Email/Facebook/Text Message responding
• Priority Problem Solving
• Remote Login Support – no extra charged

Outside of these packages, we charge a fee per half hour – $30. In the past we have not charged to heavily for Remote Support. Times change and we feel that time is precious. Not just your, but ours too.

For larger corporate packages, please CONTACT US


Antivirus | Smart Security – For Windows, Mac & Android


  • ESET (NOD32) Antivirus (Windows)
  • ESET Internet Security (Windows)
  • ESET Cyber Security (Mac)
  • ESET Mobile Security (Android)
  • ESET Multi-Device Security Windows, Mac & Android)

ESET Australia Reseller
ESET (NOD32) Antivirus – The BEST Antivirus for your Windows computer

Please email to purchase or renew
Purchases / Renewals of ESET are for Australia Residents ONLY ESET Antivirus