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At DESC Computers, we want to provide a service that is hard to find elsewhere. We want to be able to help you the client in a way that is noninvasive to you as possible. We believe that sometime just logging into your system, we can fix your problems quickly and easily without taking major time out of your day or night. Internet access is a MUST!

We control your computer remotely via the internet, as if we were sitting right in front of them. We talk through problems that you may be having and we either fix the problem, or tell you how to do something that may have been troubling you.

For example: You can’t get your emails working. You have done everything that YOU can think of and you are pulling your hair out not knowing what is wrong. Contact DESC Computers, we send you a link or tell you where to download the support application and in we login to your machine. We can do all of this whilst talking with you and explaining every step of the way what we are doing and why we are doing it and 9/10 times – fix your problem.

Our Subscription service is not only help when needed, but you go to the TOP OF THE PILE!

  • Priority phone calls
  • Priority Email/Facebook/Text Message responding
  • Priority Problem Solving
  • Remote Login Support – no extra charged


12 month Contract
* Limited to 15 logins
* 4 Remote checkups

$650 per year

Home Use

12 month Contract
* Limited to 10 logins
* 3 Remote checkups

$450 per year


12 month Contract
* Limited to 5 logins
* 1 Remote checkups

$100 per year



12 month Contract
* Limited to 2 logins
* After Hours Support

$50 per year


No Support

No Contract
* Immediate Support
* Invoiced at call end

$30 – 1/2 Hour

Call Out Fee - $75

Our call out fee is what we charge to arrive at your premises and fix what you have asked us there to do.

It also includes a maintenance of your computer to make sure things are running as they should be and that all programs are working well. We check all things with your computer.

Reformat PC/Laptop - $150

In House ONLY Clean and re-installations of your operating systems including maintenance programs.

(please note – all programs on the computer will NOT be on the system after reformat unless supplied by the system owner)

Remote Assistance - Starting at $30 per half hour

Need help with a printer, computer program or similar, we can help by logging into your desktop or laptop through the internet rather than having to make a time for us to come to your place.

If we are not successful the callout fee is halved if billed for remote session!

ESET Antivirus - Starting at $45.50

Why is ESET the best? Read the comparisons and see why WE use and recommend this program. Easy install, no need to update, scan or even worry about renewal. Self Maintaining!

Leave all of that to us. Another good point – it’s not expensive like some or anti virus programs


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DESC Computers has been building, selling and servicing PC’s
since 2004 so you know you’re getting quality service you can trust. Specialising in restoring your computer to like new without affecting your files, DESC Computers can breathe new life into your tired and slow PC. If that can’t be done, we can recommend what you need to upgrade to a new computer.

Honest, reliable and affordable, DESC Computers will work with you to achieve your desired outcome whether that is minor repairs or a new custom built PC designed specifically for your needs.

we accept credit cards – in person / over the phone

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6 Reeves Close, Gladstone Park, Vic, 3043

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6 Reeves Close,
Gladstone Park, Vic, 3043


Phone: 0413 775 011
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Weekends By Appointment ONLY

Please Note: We work unusual hours. You may receive emails from us at all times of the day or night.

We don’t expect that you will read, respond to or action our communications outside of your usual work patterns.

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