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How Long Will The Whole Process Take?

Every project is different but assuming that there are no delays from your side of things (Hosting, Domain settings, Access to sites) a typical website will take between 4 and 8 weeks to be completed. We have been able to complete a website in less than 2 weeks, however there is a charge for expedited work completion.

How Does The Design Process Work ?

We will ask you to complete a short design questionnaire and then if we have any questions we will discuss them with you.

Then we will research on your industry to create a design concept. Then we will send you an image of the homepage and we will then ask for your feedback. We will keep working on this design until you are 100% happy and then once you have approved it the website will be built.

Please note that as we offer unlimited revisions we can guarantee that you will be 100% happy as we will keep working on it until you sign it off, however once the website is agreed upon and we start building it, any further design changes may be chargeable.

What Does The Design Questionnaire Ask?

For us to design a concept for your website we ask you to complete the following questions. Please note that we offer unlimited revisions of the design until you are 100% happy to sign it off.

1. What does your company do, and what is the purpose of your website?

2. What pages would you like on the website? (e.g. Home, About, Services, Contact).

3. List any websites you like. Perhaps from a colour, style or layout point of view. Please note that the website does not have to be the same type of business, we are just trying to understand the style that you require.

4. What is the target audience of your company website?

5. Please tell us if you have an existing logo and colour scheme. If not, is there a colour scheme idea that you would like to suggest?

6. Do you have any companies in the same field that you are competing against? If you know of any, please provide the name or website address of them.

7. If you have anything else that you feel has not been covered by this questionnaire, please list your comments here.

What Content Management (CMS) System Do You Work With?

Every website that we build is built using WordPress & Plex Dashboard. 

I Already Have Hosting, A Domain & Email?

That’s no problem at all. There are various different options so please contact us so that we can discuss the best configuration for you. 

Do I Need An SSL Certificate On My Website?

There is an increasing importance being driven by both browser development companies and Google for websites to have a SSL certificate.

It may also help your website rank better in Google and therefore suggest that you consider a SSL certificate for your website.

Do you need to pay for it ? No.

However, If you have an ecommerce website then we believe that it is essential that you have a paid ($10,000) protection SSL certificate for your website starting at $49 annual fee.

How Can I Pay For My Project?

We accept debit cards, credit cards and bank transfer. When you agree to the pricing, you will need to pay 50% upfront with the balance due just prior to your site going live. 

Hosting charges start from when you sign up.

*debit/credit cards incur a 2% loading fee

Can I Update My Website Once It Is Live?

Most certainly. Every website that we build is easily updated. When it goes live, we will give you a training session, just so you are comfortable with the basic changes.

Sometimes if a change is more involved and complicated, you may want us to do it for you. This would fall under our standard (contract) hourly rate.

See Charges

Can You Help Us With Social Media & SEO?

Yes. We offer Social Media & SEO services which are probably the most cost effective way of promoting any business. You can add these to your account at any time and most people do this after they go live. There is no minimum contract so you are not tied in, but we do suggest that you need to try it for at least 3 months as true organic search engine optimisation does take time.

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Is It True That Things Need To Be Updated After The Site Is Live?

Most Definitely. WordPress, Plugins & Themes must be kept up to date even if you are not making any changes to your site.

This can be managed by you, however we do have a range of packages that may take the worry completely from you.

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