Support Services

  • Google setup
  • SEO Implementation to site
  • eCommerce for website
  • Social media setup & customisation
  • Hosting & Domain Registration
  • SSL Certificates

There are many aspects of website design that becomes an “add-on” as everyone has their own ideas about how their website will work.

For this reason we have created small bundles to add to your website.

Hosting Management

Our Preferred Hosting company – Conetix

A larger firm with many more options. Conetix (Ipswich, QLD, Australia)

Domain Management

Where ever your domain is hosted, we can manage your details

Transfer or Purchase a new domain with Conetix. $22 per year for a

SSL Certificates

Conetix offer a range of SSL Certificates.

Free or purchased, depending on your business type.

Health & Security

  • Website Maintenance
  • Plugin & Theme Updates
  • Security Checks
  • Backups - Site & Database
  • No Changes to content on website

Website Updating

  • Website Maintenance
  • Plugin & Theme Updates
  • Security Checks
  • Backups – Site & Database
  • Content & Blog updating
  • eCommerce Updating of products
  • No Updating to Social Media

Full Service

  • Health + Security
  • PLUS
  • Website Updating
  • PLUS
  • Social Media

Social Media

  • Posts/Stories to social media accounts
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google - Business Profile
  • No Changes to content on website

Additional Services

  • Google Setup
  • eCommerce
  • Social Media Setup
  • Social Media Customisation

starter package


Creating the website for No Bakery was an enjoyable experience. It radiated brightness, colorfulness, and a downright tasteful vibe. As an aspiring author, Jade aimed to ensure that her site captivated audiences with its fun appeal and user-friendly design, mirroring the engaging nature of her recipes.

starter package


After 12 years, a beloved website undergoes a heartfelt transformation. The skilled dog groomer behind this success has transitioned her business from being on the road to establishing a Home Grooming salon in Gladstone Park. Demand for her exceptional services is soaring, thanks to her remarkable talent and gentleness, beautifully reflected in the images showcased on her site. 



In a remarkable evolution, the Golden Windows website has undergone a thorough and comprehensive transformation that perfectly harmonizes with the ethos of its new proprietors. This metamorphosis has breathed new life into the virtual domain, creating a seamless fusion of aesthetics and purpose.

starter package


A talented speaker who is setting out on a new journey in his life has just unveiled a fresh website. Michael possesses the roles of a teacher, umpire, and motivational speaker, showcasing a diverse array of skills.